Revving Up Education: The F1 in Schools Motorsports Program

Imagine kids designing mini Formula 1 cars in class! That's F1 in Schools, a global program combining fun with learning. Students dive into STEM, creating and racing their own F1 cars, fostering teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills. It's not just a race; it's a journey into science and innovation, inspiring future tech wizards worldwide. Education, meet adrenaline!

Rallying into the Future

The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation for what the day would bring. Not long after, Kevin and Kenneth Hansen delivered an insightful talk on rallycross, particularly focusing on its future intertwined with hydrogen-powered vehicles. This discussion set the tone for a weekend filled with innovation and forward-thinking in motorsports.

BTCC Stars and M-Sport's Big Reveal

BTCC stars Jake Hill and Dan Cammish shared their experiences from the season and their aspirations for future races. The highlight of the day, however, was M-Sport's livery reveal, which attracted a large crowd. Fans were eager to see the new look of Adrien Fourmaux, Alex Coria, and Gregoire Munter’s Ford Puma for the 2024 campaign. The design did not disappoint, showcasing a blend of tradition and modern flair.

HUGE thanks to A24 presenter , Bryn Lucas

A Nostalgic Touch at the BARC Stand

Over at the BARC stand, nostalgia was in the air with Gary Prebble’s Championship-winning Honda Civic on display. This car, a champion of the Burty Haulage pre ’03 touring car championship, reminded us of the rich history and evolution of motorsport.

Armed Forces and Their Racing Prowess

Both the Royal Air Force and Army showcased their prowess in motorsport with display stands at the event. The stands featured cars competing in the Armed Forces Race Challenge, accompanying the 750MC tour. A standout was the Matt Lewis Motorsport Cosworth at the Army stand, drawing admiration for its stunning design.

Crofty’s Round-Up and Steiner’s Spirited Session

Saturday began with Crofty's comprehensive round-up of the 2024 season, followed by a lively Q&A session with an enthusiastic crowd. The excitement intensified with Guenther Steiner's appearance. Fresh from his departure at HAAS, Steiner's engaging personality and candid responses, especially to sensitive questions like "why did he fire Mick Schumacher?" and comparisons between Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg, captivated the audience.

Artistic Flair with Pop Bang Colour

Amidst the racing talks, Pop Bang Colour’s mobile studio continued to dazzle with artistic creations. A special shout out is deserved for lending the PLN Journos a paint pen, adding a personal touch to the experience, which resulted in a "Well Signed" ROUX racing helmet, presented to Phil Baines by Matt Neal of Team Dynamics. ( Legend Shedden in tis pic though ;)

Aitken’s DTM Triumph and Neal’s Grand Entrance

Jack Aitken discussed his DTM victory and upcoming campaign with Cadillac in IMSA. But it was BTCC triple champion Matt Neal who stole the show, arriving in his Lotus Cortina to roaring applause. His interview, interspersed with hilarious anecdotes from rivals like Jason Plato and Tim Harvey, highlighted his racing journey and the fierce competitive spirit inherited from his father.

Crofty's Charismatic Presence and Support for Women in Motorsports

A standout moment was Crofty from Sky Sports F1 engaging with the audience, particularly when interacting with "GIRL’S ACROSS THE GRID." This group, passionate about uniting women through a shared love of motorsports, added a fantastic layer of community and inclusivity to the event.

Guenther Steiner's Engaging Session

The chat with Guenther Steiner, formerly of HAAS F1, was a highlight for many. His candid and lively session was a real treat, offering insights and laughs in equal measure. His presence added a unique and memorable dimension to the event.

YouTube Star Matt Armstrong and His Rebuilt Marvels

The presence of YouTuber Matt Armstrong and his display was another key attraction. Showcasing vehicles rebuilt by himself, his dad, and their team, including the much-admired Lamborghini Murcielago, added a contemporary and personal touch to the show.

A Celebration of Classic and Modified Cars

The event was also a showcase for classic cars, like Matt Neal's Lotus Cortina, which arrived on stage to rapturous applause. The presence of these classics, alongside an array of modified cars, demonstrated the diversity and creativity inherent in car culture. Each corner of the event was a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that drives the world of modified vehicles.

BTCC Stars Shine Bright

The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) was well represented, with several top drivers in attendance. Meeting personalities like Tom Ingram, Ash Sutton, Gordon Shedden, Daniel Lloyd, and the legendary Matt Neal was a highlight for many fans. Their accessibility and friendliness exemplified the camaraderie and down-to-earth nature of the motorsport community.

Merging the Past, Present, and Future

From celebrating classic racing heritage to embracing the future of sustainability in motorsports, AUTOSPORT International 2024 was a melting pot of innovation, tradition, and community. It was an event that not only showcased the machines that have defined and will redefine racing but also the people and passions that drive this exhilarating world.

Sunday’s Spotlight on Sustainability

Sunday shone a light on sustainability in motorsport, featuring the Total Energies and Mission H24 hydrogen-powered Le Mans racer. This pioneering vehicle, competing in the Le Mans Cup, represents a significant step towards eco-friendly racing. The use of green hydrogen, derived from sustainable sources, and its emission of only water vapor positions the H24 as a trailblazer in endurance racing.

The whole event was a testament to the ever-evolving world of motorsports, blending tradition with innovation and sustainability. From hydrogen-powered future stars to nostalgic looks back at racing's storied past, the event was a thrilling ride for all enthusiasts.

Images provided by

Phil Baines Photography and Tom O'Dell - PLN.

Written by

Alice Ingram