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Despite having four races under my belt, the first two rounds of my racing career have not been very fortunate. I have already had to make three pit stops in 4 races when only in Formula 2 I should be doing this. Some people say that I am just practicing for the future, but it's frustrating nonetheless. However, despite the setbacks, my overall pace has been good, and I need to work on calming down during qualifying sessions and trusting my abilities more.

While it's true that my luck has not been on my side, I am not discouraged. Instead, I am using this experience to learn and grow as a racer. I know that I have the potential to perform better, and I am determined to make the necessary adjustments to succeed in future races.

In conclusion, I believe that my performance in the first two rounds of my racing career has been a mixed bag of luck and skill. Despite the multiple pit stops, I have been able to maintain a good pace, which is a positive sign for the future. I just need to work on my mental game and trust myself more during qualifying sessions to get better results in the upcoming races.

Forecast for Rain, Lets see


The weather forecast for the upcoming week at Imola race track predicts rain, which could make for an exciting Round 3. Racing in wet conditions can be unpredictable and add an extra challenge for drivers, making for an even more thrilling competition. While rain may not be ideal for some spectators, it could create a more level playing field and shake up the standings. Race fans are eagerly anticipating the next round and the potential for some exciting racing action.

A dreamed come True

As a child, I always dreamed of being a race car driver and competing on the famous Monaco race track. The thought of zooming through the tight turns and narrow streets, with the sound of the roaring engine echoing through the city, was simply exhilarating. And to imagine myself being in Round 4, the pinnacle of the racing season, was the ultimate dream. I would visualize myself crossing the finish line first, with the checkered flag waving in the air, Although I may not have pursued a career in racing, that childhood dream still lingers in my mind, and I can't help but feel a rush of excitement whenever I see the Monaco Grand Prix on television.

Home track for the Team

The Barcelona race track is the home turf for our team, and we are eagerly looking forward to Round 5 to put on a great performance. We have been training hard and fine-tuning our strategies to maximize our chances of success. The support of our fans is invaluable, and we hope to give them a thrilling race and an exciting finish. We are confident in our abilities and will do our best to bring glory to our team and our supporters at our home race track.


Our partnerships with some of the best brains in the motor sport business - such as Dallara and Pirelli - ensures our Championship is constantly evolving and, along with all of our other dedicated partners, creates a feeder category that remains ahead of the game and is technologically advanced, while crucially, remaining affordable.

The Championship benefits from the FIA’s excellence in the scrutineering of cars and the overseeing and running of events, while FOM’s (Formula One Management) unparalleled expertise in broadcasting and marketing ensures that the Championship has a truly global reach and appeal.

Without Platinum this year and last year would not have been possible, So I wanted to express my sincere gratefulness to Alexander Rogan and his team...