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Pitlane Media & News "Junior Squad" - A formal introduction...

Pitlane News is very much behind encouraging and actively supporting young talent in motorsport, particularly those looking to assert themselves in the world of motorsport media and content creation.


• An industry first, the Sustainable Championships Index™ (SChI) assesses the sustainability performance of globally recognized motorsport championships.


Fulminea will be an almost €2 million hypercar, It will have a power output of 2040 bhp, a weight of 1500 kg, and an expected 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) around 2 seconds. Even more impressive is the claimed acceleration from 0 to 200 mph (320 km/h) below 10 seconds.

Whoops Wheels...!! WOW.... Now this is how you run an operation.

I searched "high and low" for numerous "Alloy Wheel" refurbishment companies that could offer the "best of the best" for the Pitlane News audience. And, after 4 months of searching, and especially after our first meeting...... I KNEW I'd discovered a rather special company.

Exclusive Subscription offer with Jordan Bespoke 2021

Pitlane News, Media & Management have teamed up with Simon Jordan, of Jordan Bespoke, for some special offers on some stunning bags for you lovely Motorsport drivers and fanatics.

TOP 15 Shots from 2020 according to Jakob Ebrey, the UK's leading Motorsport Photographer..

Pitlane news caught up with Jakob at his office in Silverstone for our first Zoom interview. And, we thoroughly enjoyed it.. Here is what he had to say about 2020's images..

Extreme E and AFC Energy complete hydrogen fuel cell system ahead of first race

28 January 2021, London: Extreme E has unveiled the hydrogen fuel cell generator which will play a key role in the opening season of this new electric racing series, starting April 2021.
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