What a weekend it was at the British Endurance Championship (BEC) held at Donington Park on 14th and 15th October 2023! As the final event of the season, the GT racers were out in full force, ready to give it their all on this legendary race track.

Leading up to the event, the weather forecast seemed promising, but we all know how unpredictable British weather can be. And true to form, we were greeted with a surprise shower of heavy rain and hail during the Saturday afternoon sessions. It added an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the races, testing the skills of the drivers as they battled the elements.

In the final qualifying session on the GP circuit, Paul Fullick and James Whitley from Team BRIT McLaren 570S GT4 made an impressive performance, securing pole position. They beat the favorites Erceg and Clutton, who were piloting the Audi GT3. What made their achievement even more remarkable was the fact that the Team BRIT McLaren used sustainable fuels, supplied by Sunoco. With a 50-litre tank of these eco-friendly fuels, they raced their way to the front row, showing that racing and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The track conditions during the races were damp and gradually drying due to the earlier rain. This led most of the field to opt for wet tires. However, it was Erceg and Clutton in the Audi who set the fastest lap times, showcasing their mastery of the challenging conditions. Their skill and precision behind the wheel were truly commendable, as they navigated the slippery track with finesse.

One team that stood out during the event was Team Dynamics Customer Racing, who competed in a specially prepared Audi TCR. The team proudly partnered with title sponsor Stockford Anderson, and the car was driven by the talented duo of Matthew Stockford and Alyn James. Their passion and dedication were evident throughout the weekend, as they pushed themselves to the limit to achieve the best possible results.

Notably, this weekend at the BEC marked a historic moment as Humaira Mushtaq became the first female Indian driver to race in the championship. She also made history as the first woman from South Asia to obtain the ITCCC license to compete at this international level. Mushtaq's presence in the championship showcased the growing diversity and inclusivity within motorsports. Her sheer talent and determination were inspiring to everyone present, proving that gender is no barrier to success in racing.

As the engines roared and the tires screeched, the atmosphere at Donington Park was electric. Spectators were treated to thrilling races, with each driver pushing themselves to the limit in their pursuit of victory. From unexpected weather challenges to historic milestones, this weekend had it all.

As the final round of the BEC, Donington Park provided a fitting stage for these GT racers to showcase their skills and end the season on a high. The adrenaline-pumping action kept everyone on the edge of their seats, ensuring that this event will be remembered in the annals of motorsports.

And with that, the curtain fell on another magnificent season of the British Endurance Championship. It's time to bid farewell to Donington Park for this year, but the memories and the excitement will linger on until the engines roar back to life for another thrilling season.