The Pirelli National Superstock race at Donington Park was a thrilling spectacle, with Joe Talbot taking the spotlight as he stormed to his debut win of the season. Despite the rain playing a significant role in the race, Talbot managed to dominate the competition and secure his second victory of the year.

Talbot, riding for JR Performance Racing, showcased his immense skill and determination as he quickly surged ahead of the pack right from the start. With each lap, he extended his lead, leaving his competitors trailing in his wake. It was a commanding performance that left no doubts about his abilities as a rider.

Behind Talbot, Billy McConnell of C&L Fairborn Properties fought valiantly in second place, but ultimately couldn't match the pace set by the race leader. McConnell's efforts were commendable, but Talbot undoubtedly had the edge on this day.

Scotland's Lewis Rollo, representing IN Competition, had a solid race and crossed the finish line in third place. Rollo's performance demonstrated his skill and potential as he battled his way through the challenging wet conditions. A fantastic achievement for the young Scottish rider.

Not far behind Rollo was Alastair Seeley, who managed to secure a respectable fourth-place finish. Seeley's experience and expertise were evident as he maneuvered through the treacherous track, showcasing his ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Fifth place went to Fraser Rogers, who put in a solid performance despite the adverse weather conditions. Rogers' determination and skill helped him maintain his position in the top five, showcasing his talent as a competitor.

The Pirelli National Superstock race at Donington Park was a true spectacle of power, skill, and determination. Riding these big bikes with their roaring engines, the riders faced not only each other but also the unpredictable and challenging weather conditions. In the end, it was Joe Talbot who emerged victorious, leaving no doubt about his potential as a formidable rider. As the season progresses, we can only anticipate more thrilling races and spectacular performances from these talented competitors.

Pirelli National Superstock with Santander Consumer Finance, Race One Results 

  1. Joe Talbot ( JR Performance Racing ) 
  2. Billy McConnell  (C&L Fairburn Properties Jackson Racing +2.952s
  3. Alistair Seely ( Synetiq BMW ) +6.789s
  4. Lewis Rollo ( (IN Competition/Aprilia) +7.312s
  5. Fraser Rogers ( (IN Competition/Aprilia) +11.334s

Pirelli National Superstock with Santander Consumer Finance, Race Two Results 

  1.    Joe Talbot (JR Performance Racing)
  2.    Billy McConnell (C&L Fairburn Properties Jackson Racing +7.303s
  3.    Lewis Rollo (IN Competition/Aprilia) +13.338s
  4.    Alastair Seeley (SYNETIQ BMW Motorrad) +21.790s
  5.    Fraser Rogers (IN Competition/Aprilia) +23.361s

Championship positions after Round 16: 

1.    Dan Linfoot     324
2.    Richard Kerr    291
3.    Alastair Seeley 261
4.    Joe Talbot    246
5.    Lewis Rollo    216

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