Tuesday 11th January 2022, Prague/Manchester - Praga Cars UK today confirms that VR Motorsport has renewed its role as the official UK dealer for the R1 and joins the new global dealer network as Praga Racing UK, exclusively representing the UK and Ireland.

Praga Racing UK joins the new global network represented by Praga Racing ANZ (covering Australiaand New Zealand), Praga Racing Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Praga RacingCalifornia.

Vincent Randall, owner of VR Motorsport, has a long-standing relationship with the Praga brand as one of the first owners of a Praga R1 in the UK - playing a crucial role in re-engineering the R1 to enable it to compete in Britcar - and subsequently running the Britcar Endurance 2020 championship-winning
R1: a historic landmark in Praga’s motorsport history. VR Motorsport has also been the official UK dealer since 2019 and, alongside Praga Cars UK, is helping set-up the new one-make Praga Cup 2022.

The team at VR Motorsport has also run multiple R1s in the Britcar Endurance Championship over a number of years, earning valuable knowledge and experience of the build, maintenance, and performance of the race car.
Mark Harrison, Praga Cars UK Managing Director, said: “Over the years, Vincent Randall has become an integral part of Praga’s racing activity in the UK, making him a perfect fit as the official UK dealer. When it comes to purchasing a race car like the R1, in depth knowledge of the car’s capabilities and technicalities are essential. With a new influx of R1s into the UK for the 2022 racing season we look
forward to continuing to grow the Praga brand in the UK with Vincent and his team.”

Vincent Randall, Praga Racing UK Owner, said: “It’s fantastic to see our relationship with Praga move to the next level as the official UK dealer for the R1. This is a car that we know exceptionally well and it’s
really exciting to witness its rise in popularity as more and more racing drivers witness its performance.
This is one of the most nimble and fast cars on the UK market, which is affordable to run and can easily outpace many popular GT cars. With a limited number of 2022 R1s due to arrive in the UK from the factory in the coming weeks, I invite prospective buyers to get in touch to arrange a private viewing at the Praga HQ.”

To find out more about Praga Racing UK and contact Vincent Randall visit: www.pragaracinguk.com