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Rossi Ousted at Alpine; Krief Takes over

Being appointed as the Alpine CEO by Renault at the beginning of 2021, Laurent Rossi had quite a reputation for changing to the new sports car brand of Renault. From losing Fernando Alonso to Aston Martin, to axing Marcin Budkowski , Alain Prost, and quite a few others that were available

Alpine F1: Can it Change Around With a Revamped Team?

It was January 2021 in an arena somewhere in Paris, France. The topic of the day was what was going to happen to the new Renault company now that former head of the firm, Carlos Ghosn had resigned. Up steps the new president, Luca De Meo, an Italian who had

Emilia Romagna Race Cancelled Due to Heavy Rains in Region

Following disastrous flooding that claimed the lives of five individuals and evacuated five thousand more in Northern Italy, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which to be held at the Imola Circuit this weekend, has been cancelled. Due to the safety reasons to host such a big event, it would hamper

Will American Popularity in Formula One Continue?

It can’t even be imaged that only ten years ago, the United States never had much to say in the world of formula one racing. There had been some teams like UOP Shadow and Penske who gave the sport something to just speak a little of back in the

Alpine Launches the A523 Challenger in England

LONDON, England—Being the last team to launch their 2023 challenger for the upcoming formula one season, the BWT Alpine Formula One Team debuted their A523 car Thursday evening with the idea of improving their fourth-place finish in the constructor’s’ championship.

Mercedes Launch W 14 Entry with Returning Colour Scheme

BRACKLEY, England—For the first time in two seasons, the AMG Mercedes Formula One Team launched their challenger with an all- black colour , which states reducing the weight of the car as a significant project. The team is looking for a chance to recover from their disappointing season, in which

Ferrari Launches SF 23 in an Attempt to Challenge Red Bull

MARENELLO, Italy—Putting last season’s disappointments both with drivers as well as decisions by members of the team, Scuderia Ferrari launched their SF 23 on Tuesday, with the opportunity to prove that they are once again title contenders to champions Red Bull Racing. For the Italian team, they are
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